Zespół Crash

Crash Reactivation

The legendary Wrocław jazz band is back!
In 2017 – after more than 30 years – Juliusz Mazur (Crash’s pianist and one of its founding members) reactivated the band. The first concert of the new era took place on 20 December 2017 in Wrocław’s Liverpool club.


The band recorded three albums between 1978 and 1983. Today the band revisits the material from these records with their new vocalist, Natalia Lubrano. They are giving their music a new life, enriching it with a modern touch.

Zespół Crash


Juliusz Mazur – keyboard, frontman

Romuald Frey – guitar

Władysław Kwaśnicki – saxophone

Tomasz Grabowy – bass guitar

Zbigniew Lewandowski -drums

Jose Antonio Torres – drums

Natalia Lubrano – special guest

Natalia Lubrano

Natalia is a Wrocław-born Polish vocalist, composer and song writer who has been associated with Wrocław music scene from the beginning of her career. She is a graduate of the Grażyna Bacewicz State Music School in Wrocław and a private jazz school “Jazz a Tours” in France. She honed her skills in numerous jazz and blues masterclasses in Poland and abroad. In March 2012 her band’s album “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” was released by Kayax Records. Natalia is the winner of the 2014 Przegląd Piosenki Aktorskiej [35th edition of Poland’s prestigious Review of Stage Songs, a festival bringing Polish and international talent to explore the art of performing through song], where she won the Audience Award, as well as the Jury Award for vocal prowess.

Her work with Crash is also a tribute to the music legacy of her late father Andrzej Pluszcz, bass guitarist, vocalist and a member of Crash’s original line-up.


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Zespół Crash