Crash story

Crash was formed in 1976 by Zbigniew Czwojda, Andrzej Pluszcz and Adam Bielawski as an alteration as well as continuation of a band called Spisek Sześciu (The Conspiracy of Six). Crash’s first members were formerly associated with following groups: Jumbo Jazz Band, Big Band Wrocław, Ryszard Gwalbert Misiek Instrumental Theatre and the aforementioned Spisek Sześciu.


Crash’s first line-up: Zbigniew Czwojda – frontman, trumpet, Władysław Kwaśnicki – alto saxophone, Stanisław Zybowski – guitar, Juliusz Mazur – piano, Andrzej Pluszcz – bass guitar, Adam Bielawski – drums. Band’s name is credited to Tomasz Tłuczkiewicz – jazz writer and activist.


In October 1976 Crash stunned the local jazz scene with their extraordinary debut performance at the international Jazz Jamboree festival in Warsaw. In 1977 the band performed at Jazz nad Odrą, where its pianist Juliusz Mazur won the first prize in the soloist category.

At that time Crash performed regularly at jazz festivals in Poland (Kalisz, Kraków, Lublin, Warszawa, Wrocław) and abroad (San Sebastián in Spain, Denmark, West Germany, Sweden). In 1977 roku drummer Zbigniew Lewandowski and vocalist Grażyna Łobaczewska joined the group.

In June 1977 at the 2nd International San Sebastián Jazz Festival, Crash won first prize in the modern jazz band category. This success opened up (taken) opportunities of touring Spain and performing with, among others, Sonny Rollins, Jorge Pardo and Carles Benavent.

The chief editor of the British Melody Maker magazine
awarded Crash the title of Europe’s best jazz-rock band (1976 to 1978).


In 1978 the band again performed in San Sebastián, with Zbigniew Lewandowski taking home the festival’s best drummer honours.

In 1977, 1978 and 1981 Crash performed with the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Tadeusz Chałaj) at Warsaw’s Jazz Jamboree festival. In 1979 Crash’s founder Zbigniew Czwojda left the group.

On 13 July 1979 Crash took part in the Jazz by Night concert (part of the legendary Lubań Music Camping) and on 6 July 1980 they performed at its second edition, called JAZZ II.


This section contains material documenting Crash’s journey: press clippings and posters advertising Band’s Polish and international concerts.


The band performed alongside Jan “Ptaszyn” Wróblewski Quartet, Krystyna Prońko, The Quartet (Sławomir Kulpowicz, Tomasz Szukalski, Paweł Jarzębski, Janusz Stefański), Laboratorium and Breakwater, to name but a few.

In later months Zbigniew Lewandowski was replaced by Wojciech Morawski, whose place was taken by Marek Surzyn and eventually by Ireneusz Nowacki. Occasionally other drummers played with the band: Ryszard Kupidura (formerly with Polish legendary rock band Maanam) and José Torres. Crash officially broke up in 1983.